Decoroc Dotted Leaf Candle Jar


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 Dotted Leaf Glass Candle Jar

The dotted leaf glass jar is matte black and features a delicate leaf that is dotted to let the light of the candle flame flicker through. The inside of the glass is painted silver to give an added twinkle with the flame. A perfect jar in which to make a sophisticated candle that will complement many classic home decor’ trends. These jars look stunning both with a tealight and as a filled candle jar. They are perfect for gifts and as a table decoration.


Brand: Decoroc
Recommended Fill Volume: 180ml
Maximum Volume: 210ml
Wax Weight: 135g
Height: 80mm
Inside Diameter: 67mm
Outside Diameter: 73mm
Wick Suggestions: ACS 7.5 or CDN 14

Optional Accessories (sold separately)

Box Options: Medium Retail Box WhiteMedium Retail Box Black

Lid Options: Natural Wood Lids


Always ensure that your glassware is clean and dry prior to wicking and filling.

NotesHere's a tip

*Our wick suggestion is recommended as a starting guide and can vary. Your own testing is required to determine the best wick for your candle.


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