Candle Tin 40ml (2oz)


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Candle Tin 40ml (2oz)

A quality seamless candle tin featuring a beveled lid perfect for labeling and a clear coating to protect from moisture. Candle Creations tins are great for making travel candles, massage candles, citronella candles for outdoors, and can also be used for a range of storage and craft purposes. These small tins would also be perfect for lip balm.


Brand: Candle Creations
Recommended Fill Volume: 40ml
Maximum Volume: 50ml
Wax Weight: 29g
Height: 32mm
Inside Diameter: 47mm
Outside Diameter: 50mm
Suggested Label Diameter: 36mm
Wick Suggestion: ACS 3.0 or CDN 6 or CDN 7


Always ensure that your tin is clean and dry prior to wicking and filling. Fill to the line just below the top of the tin.
Candle tins have a clear protective coating, be careful not to scratch the coating as this can cause moisture to come in contact with the metal which will lead to a rusty tin.

NotesHere's a tip

*Our wick suggestion is recommended as a starting guide and can vary. Your own testing is required to determine the best wick for your candle.

Glossary of jar specifications

Recommended Fill Volume: This is the liquid volume of the jar filled to our recommended level for a finished candle (allowing room for the wick and a lid if appropriate).

Maximum Volume: The maximum amount of liquid the jar can take before overflowing.

Wax Weight: The amount of soy wax (in grams) you need to weigh and melt to fill the jar to the recommended fill volume (includes allowance for a 10% fragrance load).

Inside Diameter: This refers to the internal diameter of the jar at its widest point. Depending on the shape of the jar there can be a top (T) and bottom (B) diameter listed. The inside diameter is important as you need to know this for choosing a suitable wick.

Outside Diameter: This refers to the external diameter of the jar. Depending on the shape of the jar there can be a top (T) and bottom (B) diameter listed. The outside diameter is useful for choosing a suitable box to package your candle.

Wick Suggestion: A recommended “starting point” for your wick size. Your own testing is always required to determine the best wick for your candle recipe.