Candle Tin 150ml

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*NEW TINS* Please note the difference in the specifications due to the change of supplier.

Recommended Fill Volume: 150ml
Maximum Volume: 200ml

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12($2.25 each)$27.00
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Candle Tin 150ml

A metal tin featuring a raised beveled lid perfect for labeling and a clear coating to protect from moisture. Candle Creations candle tins are great for making travel candles, massage candles, citronella candles for outdoors, and can also be used for a range of storage and craft purposes.

Please note that these tins become more rigid once they are filled with wax.


Brand: Candle Creations
Recommended Fill Volume: 150ml
Maximum Volume: 200ml
Wax Weight: 112g
Height: 51mm
Inside Diameter: 67mm
Outside Diameter: 71mm

Suggested Label Size: 57mm
Wick Suggestion: ACS 6.5 or CDN 16


Always ensure that your tin is clean and dry prior to wicking and filling. Fill to the line just below the top of the tin.
Candle tins have a clear protective coating, be careful not to scratch the coating as this can cause moisture to come in contact with the metal which will lead to a rusty tin.

NotesHere's a tip

*Our wick suggestion is recommended as a starting guide and can vary. Your own testing is required to determine the best wick for your candle.

Glossary of jar specifications

Recommended Fill Volume: This is the liquid volume of the jar filled to our recommended level for a finished candle (allowing room for the wick and a lid if appropriate).

Maximum Volume: The maximum amount of liquid the jar can take before overflowing.

Wax Weight: The amount of soy wax (in grams) you need to weigh and melt to fill the jar to the recommended fill volume (includes allowance for a 10% fragrance load).

Inside Diameter: This refers to the internal diameter of the jar at its widest point. Depending on the shape of the jar there can be a top (T) and bottom (B) diameter listed. The inside diameter is important as you need to know this for choosing a suitable wick.

Outside Diameter: This refers to the external diameter of the jar. Depending on the shape of the jar there can be a top (T) and bottom (B) diameter listed. The outside diameter is useful for choosing a suitable box to package your candle.

Wick Suggestion: A recommended “starting point” for your wick size. Your own testing is always required to determine the best wick for your candle recipe.


  1. Tracy Shahar-Yu

    I love these tins and find they’re the perfect size.

  2. Kasey

    These are my absolute fave and best sellers. Everybody loves them! So easy to dress up with a simple label . These tins are a staple in my line.

  3. Kelsey

    The only tins I’ll use! The protective coating stops rusting happening in my candles that occurs from the vanillin content in fragrance oils, unlike in other tins I’ve used that have completely rusted.

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