Candle Dye Block UV Light Absorber #30


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Candle Dye Block – UV Light Absorber #30

Suitable for Soy wax and Palm wax this UV light absorber helps to maintain the colour & beauty of your candles for longer.

The #30 is essentially a stronger UV protector than the #29. It is usually the case that blue shades are more susceptible to UV degradation and so the #30 gets used more often with blue shades because it’s more powerful. Yellows tend to be less susceptible, and so the #29 is used more with yellows. Having said that some yellow candles might fade quickly – it depends on the fragrance and wax type as well. As always, your own testing is required.

One block should do up to 3kg of wax but some experimentation required as this is dependant on the amount of colour dye used in your candle.

General Usage Guidelines
Use in Soy Wax: Yes Palm Wax: Yes Paraffin Wax: Yes
Mixable colours: Yes UV Fade: N/A Fragrance Compatibility: Excellent
Amount to add: Minimum 1 block up to 3kg wax Solubility: Oil based only Storage: Sealed bag away from sunlight

We recommend grating your dye block into shavings and adding a small amount at a time to your melted wax, usually after you have added your fragrance. Dab a spot of wax onto a white surface (such as a porcelain plate) to test the density of your colour. Keep adding dye until you are happy with the colour.


Each Dye Block measures 5cm x 3cm and one block will colour up to 3kg of wax to a medium shade. Use more for darker colours & less for lighter, it is fine to mix colours to create your own shades.
Adding dye to your recipe can affect other areas of the candle system, especially the wick size, so testing is required.


Not suitable for soap!


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