Brazilian Crush Fragrance Oil

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This popular scent is based on the scent of the cream “Brazilian Bum Bum” by Sol de Janeiro. An absolute hit with teenagers this fragrance will be a sell out! Think summer vibes, warm sands and sweet musks this fragrance oil has everything to get you dreaming of summer.

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Brazilian Crush Fragrance Notes
Top Notes: Ambersweet Tangerine, Cherry, Sea Salt Almonds
Mid Notes: Beach Jasmine, Coastal Heliotrope, Coconut Milk
Dry Notes: Sun-bleached Woods, Warm Sand, Tonka, Caramel, Cotton Candy, Sweet Musk
Usage Guidelines

Brazilian Crush fragrance is suitable for use in the following products up to the maximum percentages shown.

Candles: 6 – 12% Bar soap: 25% Liquid soap: 25%
Reed diffuser base: 25% – 35% Creams and lotions: 9% Lip products: 0%
Discolouration: Minor Phthalate Free: Yes Country of Origin: USA

Note: This is a fragrance duplication and type, based on the Sol de Janeiro “Brazilian Bum Bum” cream. We do not claim that our products are original or exact replicas. Any mention of brand names is solely for comparative purposes. Our website is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by any of these trademark owners.

Note that many recipes will not require or perform at the maximum levels listed here, your own testing is required. As such Candle Creations takes no responsibility for the quality and performance of your finished product.


  1. bunnyfitchcandles

    Smells great in the bottle but….. made a soy wax candle at 10% and the hot throw was almost undetectable.

    • Brian Simpson

      Hi bunnyfitchcandles…thanks for your feedback. If you are detecting the scent strongly in the bottle, we would recommend trying a different wick to optimise the hot throw with this fragrance. It is common for small differences in the wick sizing to affect the hot throw. What works in the same size jar for one fragrance does not always work for another. I hope that helps, please keep us posted.

  2. linda-stark93

    Absolutely love this fragrance and haven’t had anyone dislike it yet! Great throw, reminds me of summer, caramel, salt, musk. Just lovely!

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