Booster Wood Wick #2


Each pack of wood wicks comes with a matching quantity of metal wick clips.

12($1.45 each)$17.40
36($1.35 each)$48.60
72($1.25 each)$90.00
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Booster Wood Wick #2

Enjoy the crackling ambiance of a natural wood wick to give your candles that extra dimension. This wick features a 4.8mm wide “booster” strip adhered vertically down the centre of the wick and is designed for soy wax and vegetable wax blends, beeswax candles or candles with heavy fragrance or dye loads.

For best performance, keep the wick trimmed to approximately 5mm above the wax before the first light.

In wooden wicks we use many different woods..but mostly oak, cypress , cherry or maple. All are chosen for their sustainability.

…Adhered together with a non-toxic process

…Provides a robust crackle and burn

…Each wick is supplied with a metal sustainer.


Material: American Softwood or similar
Jar Diameter Guide: 76mm
Wick Thickness: 1.01mm + booster
Width: 12.7mm
Height: 127mm
Wick Sustainer Included: Yes x 1
Origin: USA

Usage Notes

Booster wood wick 2 is suitable for use in a container measuring 76mm inside diameter. However, we strongly recommend you conduct your own testing as there are many variables that affect the way a candle burns.


The premier, all natural, Original Wick is made from native, sappy fruit trees and sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified mills and manufactured with pride (and great skill) in the USA. Offered in a variety of thicknesses, widths, and lengths and for use in all wax types, The Original Wick can be used on its own or combined with other wicks to meet your candle making needs. To achieve optimal burn performance in candles with high levels of fragrance, colour or vegetable based waxes use two Wicks together (in one Wick Sustainer) to achieve the optimal crackling effect or combine an Original Wick and a Smooth Wick for a more subtle crackling sound.


The best “crackle” is achieved with a fragrance load of between 6-8%
Use a Wick Stickum to secure the wick sustainer to the bottom of your jar.
Buy some extra wick sustainers so that you can re-use the longer off-cuts of your wood wick.
If necessary you can splice a wood wick length-ways to fine tune the burn.

Glossary of wick specifications

Diameter Guide: This is a suggestion for the diameter of the glass jar, tin, bowl, or whatever type container you might use this wick for. Always measure the internal diameter (across the inside of the container) at the widest point.

Height: The height of the various size wood wicks varies and they can often be cut to make two shorter wicks.

Pre-tabbed: Each wick comes with a separate metal sustainer for attaching the wick the wick to the jar. The tab also acts as a safety device as it stops the candle from burning all the way to the bottom of the jar. Tabs are 8mm wide and 6mm high.


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