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Black Reed Sticks

Use these black reed sticks to create your own reed diffusers for home. We supply the highest quality natural reeds which have been carefully selected after lengthy testing to provide maximum scent throw and decorative benefits. People often ask what these reed sticks are made of and the answer is more obvious than you might think, our reed sticks are made of reed. Beware of imitation sticks made of bamboo, wood, and all manner of things that look like reed. For a reed diffuser to work you need 100% real reed stick. Our colored reeds use a natural dye that will not stain your base oil.


Height: 250mm
Thickness: 3mm
Color: Black
Recommended Reeds Per Jar: 8


Upon first use we recommend saturating both ends of the reeds in diffuser oil. Simply insert the reeds into the oil then turn them over. Repeat this process every week or so to keep your reeds fresh and enhance the scent throw, if the scent is too strong simply remove one or two reeds until you reach your desired intensity.


We recommend using up to 8 reeds per jar and our reeds are conveniently bundled in multiples of 8 with price discounts available for larger bundles.

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Weight 0.31 kg
Dimensions 25 × 7.5 × 7.5 cm


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