83mm Natural Wood Lid


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83mm Natural Wood Lid

Our 83mm Natural Wood Lids are made from premium grade rubberwood and feature a natural grain and lovely light colour. Coated with a light oil the lids have a nice shine and look stunning on our range of Libbey jars, especially the gloss white and black jars. The lids include a soft silicone seal for a snug fit and are rebated underneath to accommodate the candle wick; allowing the jar to be filled right up to the height of the lid base.


Brand: Candle Creations
Material: Rubberwood
Diameter: 83mm
Color: Wood
Fits: Libbey Lexington 2339 and fits flush with the diameter of the jar.


Dressing your candle jar with a lid provides the finishing touch and is an opportunity to add some style and flair to your candles. A candle lid also acts to protect a candle from dust and foreign matter, as well as being a preferred method for extinguishing the candle.


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