103mm Brushed Nickle Lid

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103mm Brushed Nickle Lid

These premium grade lids are made to an exceptionally high standard featuring a brushed gold finish. We use only high gauge steel to ensure our lids are rigid ensuring a look and feel of superior quality. The 103mm Brushed Nickle Lid fits snuggly on the jar rim with a soft silicone seal.


Brand: Candle Creations
Material: Nickle and Silicone
Diameter: 103mm
Color: Gold
Fits: Libbey 2996, Hexagon 6044


Dressing your candle jar with a lid provides the finishing touch and is an opportunity to add some style and flair to your candles. A candle lid also acts to protect a candle from dust and foreign matter, as well as being a preferred method for extinguishing the candle.

Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 37 × 28 × 25 cm


  1. Mark French

    A really classy lid. A perfect final touch to the simple elegance of the Libbey 2996 Candle bowl

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