This recipe makes approximately 100 grams (24 x lip balm tubes) of luscious lip balm that will treat your lips like royalty!


29 grams white beeswax
35 grams coconut oil
35 grams avocado oil
18 grams mango butter
20 drops of flavouring (must be our lip balm range, do not use candle fragrances)
1 teaspoon sweetener (castor sugar or Stevia) optional
24 lip balm tubes plus caps, you can also use larger pots or acrylic jars


1. In a double boiler (a Pyrex jug in a pot of gently boiling water on the stove) melt your beeswax and mango butter. Use a low heat and melt very gradually.
2. Weigh out your coconut oil and avocado oil and add those oils to your melted beeswax/mango butter mixture, and allow to melt thoroughly. Do not overheat your oils/butters or you risk ruining them.
3. On a clean board crush the stevia or castor sugar sweetener with the back of a teaspoon and add to your mix. NB: Stevia does not dissolve in oil so you may like to use a fine drawstring bag and immerse in the oils.
4. Remove from heat and then add your flavouring and stir for two minutes until all ingredients are fully mixed and dissolved.
5. Carefully pour your mixture into lip balm pots and let them set.
6. That’s it! Check your finished results and make any notes or tweaks to this recipe and save them for next time. Enjoy these luscious lip balms.

Give it a try, we would love to hear your comments!

Download and print this recipe here

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  1. Carol Blake

    Hi there, would Red Raspberry seed oil be able to be added to this lip balm to make it higher in spf? I know beeswax is a natural one also, however, my family has some very fair skinned members that require the greater protection 🙂 Thanks 🙂

  2. Koko

    Hi there, The Avocado oil is used in this recipe for it’s amazing hydration benefits. Why not swap the avocado oil for the Red Raspberry seed oil – It is great for the skin/lips and has the spf factor you would like ! Would love to hear how it turns out! Thanks 🙂

    • Carol Blake

      Hi Koko, it seemed to work well 🙂 as with untested products, there is no official SFP rating, but apparently it works well 😀 Thanks for your help with this 🙂

  3. Tracey

    Hi there. I tried olive oil instead of the avocado, and it seemed to work. Would the hydration effects be about the same, do you think?

    • Brian Simpson

      Hi Tracey, thanks for the feedback. Yes the olive oil is fine to use, like avocado oil the olive oil has great moisturising and softening properties and it also works as an anti inflammatory.

      • Tracey Humpage

        Many thanks, this is very helpful

  4. Carly

    Hi There. Does anybody have a suggested alternative to the beeswax in this recipe? I am allergic to all bee products so struggle to find a lip balm I can safely use.

    • Brian Simpson

      Hi Carly, the beeswax keeps the balm solid at room temperature and is a great carrier for the other ingredients. To replace it you’ll need an ingredient that also remains solid. You could try soy wax, I would suggest the S100 pure soy as a starter. I have not tested this myself but suggest it would be worth a try. Let us know how it goes. Thanks.

      • Nichola Smith

        I’ve used soy wax in my lip balms to keep it vegan and it works well!

  5. Pene Gross

    Hi Brian,

    Is there any chance of a Starter Kit for the Lip Balm in the future?

    • Brian Simpson

      Hi Pene, yes for sure. We will release one as soon as we can:)

  6. Karen Peacock

    Do you know if you can use the chandler and me candle maker to make lip balms or will it get too hot?

    • Brian Simpson

      H Karen, we haven’t tried it but it should be OK. Generally speaking the Candle Maker does not work the best with beeswax because the melt point is a lot higher than soy. However you are adding other low melt ingredients. I would say give it a go!

  7. Pene Gross

    Is it possible in the Lip Balm Flavour Bottles to swap the dripolator for a Squeeze Top Syringe incorporated in the lid?

    • Brian Simpson

      Hi Pene, we can look at that. But we find so long as you shake the bottle (and sometimes you need to warm it) the dripulator works well.


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