Green Tea Bath Salts

Bath Salts are very easy to make at home. Why spend money on ‘shop brought’ bath salts, when you can make them at home for half the price & you know exactly want the ingredients are.

Adding salts to your bath has a number of benefits to your body. Dead Sea Salt is great for muscle relaxation and relief of aching joints, it also helps with rheumatoid arthritis, muscle cramps, psoriasis, and osteoarthritis. Adding your favorite essential oils enhances the benefits of relaxation and smells amazing. Say goodbye to stress, and hello to a beautiful relaxation spa at home.

What you need:

200 ml Dead Sea Salt

5 drops Lavender essential oil

A sprinkle of Green Tea

1x Glass jar


Step One: Mix all ingredients together in your jar

Step Two: Shake !

Step Three: Done !

You can change your essential oils to your preference. Also you can use Himalayan Salt instead of Dead Sea Salt – which also holds GREAT benefits to your bath water. It’s a good idea to get a beautiful glass jar, that matches your bathroom decor. You can hold onto it when you run out, and re-full when you are in need of some you-time!


Give it a try, We would love to hear your comments!


  1. Helen

    Can you use epsom salts in this recipe?

    • Koko

      Hi Helen, You sure can use Epsom salts ! Epsom salts absorb through the skin and work to relieve muscle tension, tension headaches, pain, abdominal cramps, and inflammation in joints. It has great benefits to add to a warm bath !

  2. Alanah

    Hi there. I am making some scrubs as prizes for my sisters baby shower. Is this a recipe that i can swap out he fragrances with? And with the tea tree can i swap that for something like fresh or dried lavender?

    • Candle Creations

      Hi Alanah, I’m so sorry for the late reply here. Our resident beauty blogger is away for a while. Did you manage to sort out your recipe? Brian.


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