Home fragrance is for men too

When we think of beautiful smelling fragrances in our candles and soap it’s easy to think of a feminine approach. However here at Candle Creations we’re noticing a growing trend toward a range of more masculine scents. Think deep and mysterious musk’s, adventurous earthy tones, fresh and active ozonic scents.

As the largest supplier of Candle and Soap fragrances, ingredients, and accessories in New Zealand we’ve got you covered for mens gifts. Why not go one step further to show you love him by not just making his day, but ‘making’ something for him yourself. Here’s a few products that you can buy and use to make some affordable, and relatively easy projects that even the kids can get involved with.

Candle Tin in Three Sizes

Tins for candles and soap.

Get creative with Candle Tins

These are a versatile vessel that you can use to make Dad a travel candle with a ‘manly’ scent, or how about a Citronella candle for outdoors and camping to keep the mozzies at bay? Tins are also great for putting a hand made soap inside, wrap it in some grease proof paper, put a handmade label on top and it will look and last just great.

Get creative with Dimples

Dimple Candle Jars

One for the golfer! Make a candle with some soy wax and use Petrichor fragrance (it has a lovely earthy smell like the grass at the golf course) or choose from any of our more masculine scents to make a unique handmade candle.

Handmade soap bars with vanilla

Lather up with a handmade soap

Buy a block of melt’n’pour soap, add a little fragrance oil or essential oil and have some fun with color and other ingredients if you like. Think up creative ideas for molds or buy one of ours. We have shaving soap as well as a huge range of other formulas that are gentle on the skin and very easy to make.

Share your crafty gift ideas

We’d love to hear your ideas for mens gifts using ingredients from our website. Feel free to add your comments below.


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