The end of an era

For many years we have stocked the well known range of EcoSoya candle waxes made American company NGI. Their soy waxes have been very popular (especially CB Advanced and Pillar Blend) however some of you may recall the company hit a manufacturing snag a couple of years ago.
Despite working hard to overcome significant issues it seems that NGI just face too many challenges in their supply chain to be able to successfully recreate the CB Advanced that we all knew and loved.

As such NGI has advised the market this month that they will be quitting the business, this means that all brands under the NGI umbrella will be discontinued.

This message from NGI

I’m contacting you with a heavy heart. It is with deep sadness that I say we at NGI/EcoSoya are now going out of business after over 20 years. Being part of the candle industry, I know what this means for you and I am truly sorry for the resulting hardship that this causes. Please know that we have done everything we can to keep you supplied. This action is not by choice and comes as a result of a series of situations.

Dan S. Cap, Founder of NGI

We at Candle Creations really feel for Dan and his team, they really were the pioneers of soy candle wax and have always been a trusted supplier and a pleasure to do business with. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for their contribution to this now thriving industry.

What next for EcoSoya users?

There is a slim possibility that another manufacturer could pick up the NGI recipe’s and attempt to make them but for now our advice is to plan your shift to a new wax sooner rather than later. If you are using any of the NGI range of waxes we suggest that you buy up our remaining stock in the short term. At the time of writing we have a few cartons of Q220 and around 50 cartons of Pillar Blend in stock.

Here is a list of suggested replacements;

CB Advanced, Quantum 210, 220: We suggest Golden Wax GW464, All Seasons Wax S16, Cocosoy
Pillar Blend: We suggest All Seasons Wax A27

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this announcement please feel free to drop us an email.