In their latest update EcoSoya has announced that their new product range (to replace CB-Advanced etc.) is on track for the following dates;

***Latest Updates: As of 04/05/17 we received confirmation from the operations dept that they are on schedule to send out samples late next week. Bulk product is also in production prepping for order taking. More updates when avail.
As of 1/05/17 we are still waiting for the samples of Quantum wax to arrive from NGI. There has been a range of delays and we are patiently waiting.

Revised timeline;

• May. 12 – Target date for sample shipping
• June 1 – Target for placing bulk orders from factory
• July 20 – Target date for landing stock in NZ

Would you like to involved in the initial testing? If so please contact us here at Candle Creations and we’ll put you on the list. Please note that we are not likely to have a large sample supply so it will be first in first served. Based on our testing we will aim to order a container load of the new waxes on March 20th. We would expect delivery around late April.

In the meantime, we have a couple of hundred cartons of CB-Advanced arriving on the 22nd of Feb’. As always, we’ll keep you posted as information comes to hand.