After the rather abrupt end to the production of CB Advanced, Xcel, Pillar Blend et al late last year we are all now eagerly awaiting the promised “new and improved” replacement range from EcoSoya. It seems things are well on track with the company promising the new waxes will be available late March. Billed as “Quantum Technology” the new range (which replaces all previous products) is touted as being superior to the previous offerings. Below is a sneak peek at the information that we have to date, in the meantime we’ve managed to secure the last CB-Advanced ever to be made and it (around 6 pallet loads) arrives in two weeks. That will last (hopefully) until April/May which is when we could realistically expect to see these new waxes reach our shores. You should expect a slight price increase on the CB-Advanced as the shipping cost has been higher than usual.

Quantum Technology is:
• Nonpolymorphic (non-frosting)
• Pliable
• Flexible
• Malleable
• Extremely stable
• Non-oily with a waxy feel

Waxes made with our Quantum Technology have:
• Improved Scent Throw
• Richer Color when dyed
• Essentially nonpolymorphic (non-frosting)
• Increased Stability

EcoSoya Quantum will be supplied in the following Candle waxes:
EcoSoya Quantum 120F (48.9C) Candle, Candle Additive, Coatings, Industrial
EcoSoya 110 110F (43.3C) Candle (Container)
EcoSoya 120 120F (48.9C) Candle (Container & Molded)
EcoSoya 130 130F (54.4C) Candle (Molded & Container)

Candle Creations will be sourcing samples of the new wax and giving it a good test and we’ll keep you posted along the way.

Official Press Release from EcoSoya: EcoSoya proudly announces the next generation of technology. Expect improved scent throw, increased stability and richer colors in our EcoSoya 110 (a great replacement for CB- Advanced Soy), EcoSoya 120 and EcoSoya 130 waxes to be released in late March 2017. More details on this superior wax will be available soon.