Christmas Deliveries and Stock


2020 has been a challenging year and Covid has definitely had a huge effect on the supply chain throughout the world. You may or may not be aware but NZ is experiencing huge delays at the ports which is having a knock on effect for suppliers.

We know we are not fighting this battle alone and many companies are feeling the frustration of not being able to get their goods delivered. Given this situation we wanted to let you know that the deliveries that were planned for mid November have now been delayed by nearly 2 weeks due to ships bypassing Auckland and diverting to Tauranga or worse still not coming to NZ at all.

This does mean that we will be getting low on some fragrances and wicks but rest assured we will be fully stocked again as soon as the ship arrives. The dates we have been given do change on a regular basis so the best place to check is our
ETA page.


Thanks for your patience and understanding.
The Team at Candle Creations