Body Scrub

This recipe is the best anti-bacterial body scrub ! It is great for people prone to ingrown hairs, acne, or people who just love tequila! All the ingredients are anti-septic to help fight bacteria causing infection. Sugar & salt is a great grain to use as an exfoliate medium – We all have sugar & salt in our cupboards & they are the perfect size to break down dead skin cells to reveal beautiful fresh “new” skin.

Body scrubs are perfect for dry skin, before applying fake tan, or if your skin needs some love!

What you need:

½ shot glass of tequila

1 squeeze of lemon juice (optional)

2 drops of tea tree oil or lemongrass

1 ½ cup of sugar

½ cup of sea salt

4 Tbsp of Coconut Oil

Lemon zest

Glass jar with lid (200 ml)


Step One: Place all ingredients together in a bowl. Make sure you don’t have any cuts on your fingers when squeezing the lemon!

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I got this little grater from Kmart for $2 – it is super cute & believe it or not, I do use it from time to time.


Step Two: Mix all ingredients well, making sure all the grains are covered in liquid. Place your mixture into your jars, pressing the mixture down as you go to fit as much as you can in the jar for air tight freshness.

Step Three: DONE! Easy Peesy! Keep in the refrigerator to extend shelve life. Will keep for 1-2 weeks.


Try not to use this treatment after you have just waxed or shaved as there is a high chance it will sting.



Give it a try. We would love to hear your comments!


  1. justine

    can you add a preservative to make it last longer, it obviously wont be natural anymore

    • Brian Simpson

      Hi Justine, not sure sorry as have not tried with a preservative. Give it a go and let us know. Thanks.


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