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Wax melter – Water Jacketed

These water jacketed melters are the best on the market for melting natural candle waxes. Once you move up to one of these melters you will wonder how you ever coped with melting wax on the stovetop!

Water jacketed melters allow you to safely keep your wax liquified over a long period of time without running the risk of burning it. Water jacket melters have only one electrical part (the element) that is easily removed if it needs replacing which means there is no need to send your melter away or employ a trades person to repair it. Just replace the heater by screwing a new one in place.

Water jacket melters heat evenly & efficiently so there is no need for a heated spout because the spout is warmed by the heated water.

Water jacket melters function more like a large commercial double boiler in that they keep substances evenly heated and generally only heat up to 110°C which provides a safe and controlled method for heating your wax. The melter features a temperature gauge on the front of the unit.

Water jacket melters will melt soy wax fast and efficiently and are also great for melting palm wax, beeswax, soap and many other ingredients that require a temperature less than 110° C.


Material: Stainless Steel
Capacity: 15KG, 45KG, 68KG
15KG – 350mm Diameter x 260mm High
45KG – 430mm Diameter x 430mm High
68KG – 480mm Diameter x 530mm High
Made in: USA
Warranty: 12 Months (excludes heating element)
Assembly: Some assembly is required, full instructions are provided
Delivery: Note that local delivery costs may be additional depending on your location


1. Place the melter on a sturdy bench and ensure that there is good access to put a container under the the pouring tap.
2. Fill the jacket of the melter with water all the way to the top (so that you can see the water).
3. Now plug in the melter and turn it on and set the temperature to your desired heat setting.
4. Add wax flakes into the melter and allow to melt to desired temperature.


Large batches of wax can take a couple of hours to melt so it’s best to load the melter and turn it on well ahead of time.
When pouring melted wax from the melter to a mixing or pouring jug the temperature can drop a few degrees, compensate for this by increasing the temperature setting on the melter.

Never operate the wax melter without ensuring it is full of water. Failure to keep the water level topped up will result in damage to the heating element. Heating elements are not covered under warranty.

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