Vanilla Based Fragrance Oils

The sweet and familiar aroma of vanilla is one of the most often used ingredient in modern fragrance oils. First and foremost, vanilla is a mood enhancer and it aids in soothing anxiety and stress so is the perfect ingredient for candles adding a certain warmth to a fragrance.

It is also very versatile which enables the fragrance to be blended with a range of different fragrance families to create some magical accords.

Here are some top tips when using Vanilla based fragrance oils:

Tip 1
In colder weather vanilla can crystallise so it appears cloudy and thick in the bottle. This is not a problem –  simply place your bottle of fragrance in a warm water bath and watch it slowly dissolve and return back to a normal clear oil.

Tip 2
The viscosity of vanilla is thicker than most fragrances so you may need to upsize your wick when using a vanilla based fragrance. For example if you would normally use a ACS7.5 wick you may need to increase this to a ACS 8.0 when you use a vanilla based oil. 

Take a look at the range of vanilla scents we have available at Candle Creations.

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