Candle Fragrance Oils

High quality fragrance oils tested and approved for exceptional performance in soy and natural wax candles. Perfect for the home hobbyist and professional candle and soap makers.

EPA Compliant

Not tested on animals

Pthalate free

UV inhibitors free

Paraffin free

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Fragrance Oils

Candle Creations is your trusted supplier of high-quality candle fragrance oils in New Zealand. Every one of our oils is EPA compliant against strict New Zealand Government regulations, allowing you to use our fragrances safely and with peace of mind. Our oils also comply with international RIFM and IFRA standards, are 100% Phthalate free, not tested on animals and do not contain paraffin.

Specialising in candle fragrance oils since 2010, we’ve carefully curated the best range available in New Zealand. Candle Creations introduced most of the popular scents you see in the market today; we stock all the winning fragrances that you know and love, and we continue to lead the way with new season trends as well as our own signature blends. Our blends are often copied, but the quality is never beaten.

All of our fragrances are sourced from leading fragrance houses in the USA and are carefully tested for use in candles by our own in-house chandlers; most are also suitable for use in soap & body products. We offer a range of pack sizes to suit your needs, starting with 30ml samplers right through to 11.7KG drums for large scale commercial manufacturing.

Candle Creations are the experts in candle making, check out our in-depth fragrance knowledge section Learn all about Fragrance.

Is there a fragrance you’d love us to stock?

Perhaps you’ve noticed a gap in our range that we’ve missed? Or you want a favorite scent matched in a high-quality format. Perhaps you have your own idea for a custom blend, we can do that too.Tell us about it and, if we decide to stock it, you’ll receive a complimentary 250ml bottle.