Unfortunately (for those customers that use it) Afterpay has disallowed us from offering their service. The last day for Afterpay purchases will be Friday the 22nd of November at 2PM.

Afterpay charges us quite a hefty fee; 6.4% of every sale goes offshore to them. Being a small Kiwi owned business offering genuine wholesale prices we realised before we joined Afterpay that we would need to pass on this fee in some way. So we asked you (our customers) the question “would you prefer a user pays fee or an overall price rise?” The overwhelming majority of you voted for a fee system, so that is what we did.

Unfortunately, Afterpay has this week informed us that unless we remove our fee (despite it being voted in) we must discontinue with their service. Our hands are tied.

We do apologise to those of you that use Afterpay. It’s just that $6.40 of every $100 goes to Afterpay and (based on your feedback) we think that money is better off in your back pocket rather than us putting up our prices.

We trust you understand our position, we appreciate your business and will continue to support you by offering quality products at fair prices and with fast and efficient delivery.