Lip Balm Oil

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Vanilla Lip Balm Oil

Use Vanilla Lip Balm Oil flavoured oil to compliment your lip balm recipe. Formulated to meet all IFRA and FDA guidelines.

Note: 10ml, 30ml and 100ml sizes are supplied in a glass bottle with dripolator for ease of use.

pfreelogo-ribbon-357wx99h-491OWL_CandleCreations_FSNote that many recipes will not require or perform at the maximum levels listed here, your own testing is required. As such Candle Creations takes no responsibility for the quality and performance of your finished product.

1 review for Vanilla
Lip Balm Oil

  1. Holly Price

    An amazing creamy vanilla flavour oil, this helps keep my balms more on the “natural” tasting/smelling side. I love it!

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