Thermometer Mini Infra Red


A great little tool to have on hand for candle and soap making.

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    Mini Infra Red Thermometer

    This mini infra red thermometer is a handy pocket size tool to help ensure you get your ingredients to just the right temperature. Simply point and click the button for an instant reading. A critical part of candle making is the ability to manage the temperature of your ingredients, accurate temperature readings can help improve your candle making results significantly.


    Temperature Range : -50℃~220℃
    Accuracy :±2℃
    Distance Spot Ratio : 1:1 (recommend 10cm)
    Emissivity Adjustable :0.95
    Power : 2pcs LR44 button cells (1.5V/each)
    Product Color : Black

    Batteries included


    Point the infra-red thermometer towards the base of the melted wax and press the button once and the current temperature will display on the screen.


    Can also be used for cooking, testing milk and beverage temperatures, and makes a nice gift.



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