Tea Light Cups 9hr Aluminium


1000( $0.05 each ) $50.00
500( $0.06 each ) $32.50
100( $0.14 each )$14.00
25( $0.16 each )$4.00
SKU: 01002-25


Tea Light Cups 9hr Aluminium

Tea Light Cups 9hr Aluminium are top quality aluminium tea light cups.


Size – Height 25mm x Width 38mm.
Burn time – 9 hours approx.

Wick Recommendation: Soy Wax ACS 1.0 or CDN 3. Beeswax : Start your trials around the CDN 8 (150mm) mark, bump up or down a wick size depending on the result of the melting pool.


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