Soy Wax
Quantum 220

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Soy Wax Quantum 220

Quantum 220 is EcoSoya’s intended replacement for the now discontinued CB-Advanced and is recommended for making soy container candles.

This is an entirely new wax technology, quite different from previous EcoSoya waxes, and may require some reformulation of your recipe’s and technique; especially if you are switching from CB-Advanced. Your own testing will be required to determine the best pour temperature, wicking, and fragrance load for your desired result.

Manufacturer: NGI Wax Imported from: USA GMM Free: Yes
Fragrance Load: 6% – 18% Fragrance Temp: 75-80°C Pour Temp: Votives 62°C – 79°C
Melt Point: 46.1°C Form: Beads Uses: Container candles

Here's a tipMelt the wax to the suggested fragrance temperature before adding your fragrance. Stir fragrance for at least 2 minutes and allow the wax to cool to the recommended pour temperature before pouring into your jar.


Q220 Data Sheet
EcoSoya Quantum Manufacturing Instructions
EcoSoya Brands Purity Statement
Wax Comparison Chart_EcoSoya

Glossary and detailed pouring notes

Fragrance Load (FL): This is the percentage of fragrance that can be added to the wax. Learn more here.

Fragrance Temperature: The recommended temperature you should heat the wax to before adding your fragrance. Exceeding this temperature can damage the fragrance.

Melt Point: The point at which the solid wax will melt, the lower the melt point the longer your candle will burn. This is also useful to know if you plan to transport or display your candles in a hot environment.

Pour Temperature: The recommended temperature for pouring your wax (and fragrance) into the candle jar.

If difficulties are experienced with your pour temperatures, try a lower or higher temperature in increments of 2°C.

When candles are poured at a lower temperature (about 43.3°C) add the scent at a higher temperature (60°C) and allow the wax to cool to the desired pour temperature.

Pour temperatures should be checked and confirmed according to seasonal changes.

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1 review for Soy Wax
Quantum 220

  1. Jan Field-Dodgson

    Beautiful creamy wax which seems easy to work with – however, the scent throw is poor with the cost of scenting the candle more than the cost of the wax! Bearing in mind how expensive this wax is I would be reluctant to purchase again. Looking forward to trying the All Seasons waxes which sound way more promising. Very sorry.

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