Soap Making Starter Kit


This soap making starter kit makes 2 trays of soap and includes a PVC tray mold and 2 different types of soap plus easy to follow instructions. The perfect way to get started making scented melt ‘n’ pour soap, also makes a great gift idea.


Choose a Soap Bar Mold For Your Soap Kit


Choose a Colour for your Liquid Soap Dye


Choose a Fragrance Oil For Your Soap



Soap Making Starter Kit

This soap making kit is perfect as a starter kit or as a crafty gift idea. Learn just how easy it is to make your very own Melt ‘n’ Pour soaps using the easy soap mold trays. This Soap Making Starter Kit contains everything you’ll need to create your very own soaps and comes with a full set of easy to follow instructions. This kit also includes some liquid soap dye and mica powder so you can experiment colouring your soap and you also get to select a fragrance and your design of tray mold.

The kit will make two trays of soap so you can experiment using a clear soap and a creamy white soap.

These soaps are great for your family home and they make the perfect gift!

This kit includes the following items

235g Melt and Pour Crystal Clear Soap

235g Melt and Pour Castille Soap

5ml Soap Dye

5g Mica Powder

1 x PVC Shaped Tray Mold

30ml Fragrance

10ml Alcohol and Spray

Instruction Sheet


Consider purchasing some extra fragrances if you would like to create a few different scented soaps.
General items you will need which are not included in the kit are a pyrex jug (to melt and pour your soap from) and a pot to create a stove-top double boiler.