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Rosmarinus Officinalis

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Rosemary  Essential Oil

Rosemary has been used since ancient times to help improve memory skills and enhance concentration. It is also known to help reduce headaches, mental fatigue and nervous tension. Rosemary oil makes a good antiseptic and is suitable for relieving muscular pain, intestinal and respiratory problems. It is also used to help treat acne, dermatitis and eczema and is believed to help promote hair growth making it a popular ingredient in hair care products.


Our high quality natural extraction of Rosemary Oil is sourced from the worlds leading producers including Spain, India and the UK.

Recommended Applications:

Use Rosemary oil in lotions and creams, shampoo, liquid and hard soaps, aromatherapy and massage oils, oil burners and natural soy candles.

Safety Guidelines:

*External use only
*Do not apply to skin undiluted
*Not recommended for use during pregnancy
*Always test prior to use
*Descriptions, use, and benefits are guidelines and we recommend you conduct your own research or consult with a specialist practitioner prior to use.

1 review for Rosemary
Essential Oil

  1. Holly Price

    Rosemary essential oil is a beautiful refreshing scent I use in my soaps! At has a beautiful throw and isn’t to overpowering!

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