Pillar Mold
Round Concave Base 102 (XXLarge)


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Pillar Mold  – Round Concave Base 102 (XXLarge)

A durable, seamless, aluminum candle mold with a concave base and a hole for your wick. This mold is excellent quality aluminium and produces a nice pillar candle with easy mould release.

General Usage Guidelines
Use with Soy Wax: EcoSoya Pillar Blend Palm Wax: Uniwax/Crystal Palm Paraffin Wax: Yes
Width: 102mm Wall Thickness 1.01mm Height 240mm
Suggested wick: ACS9.5 or ACS9.9 (300mm)

Condition your mold using a small amount of soybean or vegetable oil. Thread one end of your wick through the hole in the mold and secure it with some putty, be sure to seal the hole around the wick. If using a tabbed wick trim the tab off the other end and pass the wick through a wick holder. Secure the wick tightly using a clip or a peg, check that the wick is running up the centre of the mold. Follow the instructions for the wax you are using and proceed to fill the mold.


Here's a tipSuggested wick sizes are a recommended starting point only and your own testing is always required to determine the best wick for your candle recipe.


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Round Concave Base 102 (XXLarge)”

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