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IT”S BACK! By popular demand EcoSoya has re-released this blend of soy wax perfect for making pillar candles, votives and melts.

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Pillar Blend Soy Wax

EcoSoya® Pillar Blend soy wax is the best wax for making molded candles such as votives, pillars, tarts, melts etc. Pillar blend soy wax can be used unscented but also provides excellent scent when working with the Candle Creations range of fragrances. This wax is designed to be self-releasing from molds.

Made from pure 100% soybeans and carefully selected botanical oils to create candles with a creamy appearance.

Manufacturer: NGI Wax Imported direct from factory: Yes GMO Free: Yes
Fragrance Load: 10% – 12% Fragrance Temp: 68-75°C Pour Temp: 60°C
Melt Point: 55°C Form: Flakes Uses: Pillar Candles, Soy Melts

Here's a tipMelt the wax to the suggested fragrance temperature before adding your fragrance. Stir fragrance for at least 2 minutes and allow the wax to cool to the recommended pour temperature before pouring to your mold. Follow the Owl for more detailed instructions.


Candle Creations is the leading New Zealand agent for EcoSoya Wax. Our wax comes to you fresh and direct from the USA manufacturer with a 100% quality guarantee.

Glossary and detailed pouring notes

Fragrance Load (FL): This is the percentage of fragrance that can be added to the wax. Learn more here.

Fragrance Temperature: The recommended temperature you should heat the wax to before adding your fragrance. Exceeding this temperature can damage the fragrance.

Melt Point: The point at which the solid wax will melt, the lower the melt point the longer your candle will burn. This is also useful to know if you plan to transport or display your candles in a hot environment.

Pour Temperature: The recommended temperature for pouring your wax (and fragrance) into the mold.

With pillar blend soy wax it is typical for wax to solidify at the beginning of the pour during its first contact with the mold. PB should have a pour temperature high enough so that when the mold is full, the initial solidified wax has remelted. The temperature should not be so high that the liquid wax sits more than 30 minutes before starting to solidify.

Pour temperatures will vary according to mold type and size, fragrance and dye and the effects preferred. PB does not normally produce static electricity or bubbles when poured, tapping of the molds is not necessary.

There is a difference in cooling rates for different mold configurations. Cooling too quickly or too slowly can cause cracking and/or frosting. If difficulties are experienced with your pour temperatures, try a lower or higher temperature in increments of 6°C.

Pillar Blend Double-Pour: When using EcoSoya® Pillar Blend two pours are required for larger candles such as 7.6 cm & 10.2 cm diameter pillars. The first pour is done at approx. 68°C by filling the mold to the top and allowing the candle to set up with a warm but congealed soft center. If the top of the mold (bottom of the candle) has “skinned” over and left a void inside, poke two holes into the candle near the wick.

The second pour is done at 60°C while the candle center is still warm but congealed. Do not pour past the solidified wax of the first pour; in essence “fill” the first pour.

Making Votives with PB: The first pour is done at approx. 68°C by filling the mold within 3mm from the top. Allow the votive to cool until it is still warm with a congealed center that has no liquid. If the top of the candle has “skinned” over, poke two holes near the wick. Pour a second time at 60°C to completely fill the votive mold.

Pour temperatures should be checked and confirmed according to seasonal changes.

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  1. Charis Connolly

    I absolutely love this one for making melts. They come out glossy and have a long lasting fragrance throw when in a melts warmer. Easily pop out of the moulds when set.

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