Liquid Soap Base Organic


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Organic Liquid Glycerin Soap Base

Our Organic Liquid Glycerin Soap Base is manufactured with simplistic, high quality ingredients. Add your own colour & fragrance to create your own personalised liquid soap that is gentle on the skin. Can also be used for hand wash, shampoo, and many other body wash products.

Organic Liquid Soap Base is a natural liquid glycerin soap made with certified organic oils with no sulfates, surfactants or detergents. Liquid Glycerine is mild to the skin with great natural cleaning power.

Helpful Product Information
Soap Type: Glycerin Made with food grade oils
Form: Liquid Certified: RSPO
Country of Origin: USA SLS & SLES free
Ingredients: Purified water, Potassium Hydroxide, Glycerine, Coconut Oil (certified organic), Olive Oil (certified organic) & Oleic Acid
Notes: Hypo-Allergenic, Non-Comedogenic, Biodegradable, No Animal Testing, No Animal Products* Vegan*, Gluten Free**, Soy Free, Non GMO (*excludes Goats Milk Soap **Excludes Shaving Soap).

Add a little skin safe fragrance of choice, then mix well and pour into your dispenser bottle.

OWL_CandleCreations_FSFragrances may give varying results when mixed with our liquid soap. Some may turn the soap a milky colour and in some instances the combination of ingredients may affect the final scent. We recommend starting with a very low fragrance load. Testing is always required.

CAUTION: Please check that the fragrance you are using is skin safe. Recommended fragrance use guidelines can be found within each fragrance listing.


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