Isopropyl Alcohol


100ml(Mister spray pack)$8.50
500ml(Bulk pack)$23.50
1 Litre(Bulk pack)$33.50
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Isopropyl Alcohol – Description

Also known as Rubbing Alcohol or Surgical Spirit, spray Isopropyl Alcohol on your melt and pour soap to help eliminate bubbles. It is also used in cold process soap making and as a solvent in cosmetic formulations. Can also be used to disperse mica colorants or as a general sanitiser.

General Usage Guidelines
Disperses bubbles on soap surface Cold Process Soap: Yes Melt’n’Pour Soap: Yes
Highly Flammable Liquid and vapour Keep out of reach of children

Use with a suitable spray bottle (supplied with 100ml packs) and disperse a mist of alcohol over your soap.

Storage Notes

Store in a well ventilated space away from other chemicals, foodstuffs, heat or direct sunlight.

In case of spillage wear gloves and avoid breathing vapour, remove any sources of ignition, use absorbent material to contain spillage.

First Aid: If swallowed rinse mouth with water, do not induce vomiting, seek medical advice from the Poison Centre (0800 764 766) or your local doctor. If in eyes: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes, if skin irritation occurs seek medical advice.



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