Gel Wax
Versagel CHP


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Gel Candle Wax – Versagel CHP

With this gel candle wax you can create solid gel candles, layered candles (soy, gel, soy etc.) and can embed decorative items into the gel (non flammable items that is) and have fun creating your own unique candles.


Color: Clear
Odour: No distinct odour
Form: Clear gel
Ingredients: Mineral Oil
Recommended heating temperature: 110°C
Flash point: 226.7°C
Made in: USA


For gel candle wax wicks we recommend using a similar size wick to your Soy candles but again, testing is always required. Another option is to place your wick tab on top of the layer of gel before pouring your soy. Gel candle wax is supplied in solid (jelly like) form and should be heated to between 100 and 110 degrees C at which time it will become viscous enough to pour. The wax begins to set very quickly once it is removed from the heat source so you need to work quickly. Note that testing will be required if you plan to use fragrance as some play better with this gel than others.


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Versagel CHP”

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