Courier Upgrade Overnight (South Island)


This ticket upgrades your order from road delivery to air freight for faster delivery to the South Island.
Once you have purchased this ticket, please email us ASAP so we can flag your order for same day picking.


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Overnight Delivery (South Island Only) Details
Per Parcel Fee

This rate covers standard overnight delivery for one parcel only to the south island (maximum parcel size per ticket is equivalent to a 22.7kg box of wax.) If your order is larger than the size of a box of wax you’ll need to purchase more tickets accordingly.

Close off

Orders must be placed prior to midday Monday through Wednesday and 10am on Thursdays.

Friday orders must be in by 10am and you’ll also need to purchase a Saturday delivery ticket.

Important Terms and Conditions

*Overnight delivery cannot be 100% guaranteed as the actual delivery is outside of our control. Should you place your order within our close off period and we fail to dispatch we will refund your fee. Should the courier fail to deliver for any reason we cannot refund the fee without first applying for compensation from the courier company; they do not always offer a refund.

*If your order is made and you are not on an overnight delivery route (rural) or in a Saturday delivery zone you will not receive a refund. Check your address here.

*Note that stated close off times may vary during peak season or due to unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters.

*This rate applies per parcel up to .040 m2 which is the size of a 22.7kg box of wax.

*Payment must be made with a credit or debit card so we receive the payment instantly.


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