Persea Gratissima

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Avocado Oil

Our Refined Avocado Oil is highly therapeutic and is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, vitamins D and E, lecithin, pantothenic acid, and essential fatty acids. Use in massage candles, lotions, body oils and balms.

With minimal colour level and virtually odourless this Avocado Oil exhibits higher stability over time compared to others oils and is suitable for all kinds of cosmetic products from rinse-off to leave-on. Its high content in unsaponifiable fraction makes it an excellent component for soap.

Usage notes

May be directly applied to the skin and hair. It may also be easily incorporated as an active ingredient or an excellent carrier in skin and hair care products. Its recommended dosage is between 3 to 10%.

Highly recommended to those with sensitive skin, problem skin and other irritations that require a vitamin rich oil. Also good for hair care due to its natural content of pantothenic acid.

Applies easily, offers deep penetration and significant moisture retention together with high nourishing properties.
Restores dry, dehydrated, and mature skin. It is a rich, heavy oil that is best blended with other oils. Skin problems, especially eczema and psoriasis, respond to its high content of vitamins A and E. Can also be used directly as massage oil.


Keep in a cool place or refrigerated, tightly closed and away from light exposure.


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